For hospitals, insurances, doctors practices.

MedaPlus collects and converts disparate health data into holistic and actionable views of individuals and communities. MedaPlus informs the most complex health care decisions, by analyzing unstructured and structured information and alternative data with machine learning technology.

distill actionable insights from the vast amount of medical cases

The MedaPlus health analytics platform covers the entire lifecycle of health care data from entry into the system as documents, scans, emails to the analysis, synthesis, forecast to the patients epicrisis. Based on these automatically transformed data features, insurances and healthcare providers will be able to operate a number of use cases like case analysis, risk analysis, population analysis, process optimization and security related operations like de-identification and GDPR compliant information sharing.


Extract information from medical records automatically

more than 1 million medical entities recognized out-of-the-box

Risk Analysis

Generate risk score using evidence-based algorithms

Identify functional dependencies and predict future conditions

Provide a probability for the patient having other associated diseases, e.g. obesity and diabetes

Mines and combines structured and unstructured data

Identifying conditions in a population of patients to derive empirical risks.


These industries use MedaPlus: Healthcare professionals, Pharma, Doctors, Insurances.

Intelligent Health Desk

Read clinical and health automatically, Extract relevant findings, Reduce processing time significantly

Case Analyzer

Assess patient records to provide clinicians, nurses, and front line staff with insight that go beyond triage

Risk Analyzer

Provides empirical risks and perspectives on related conditions, symptoms, drugs, tests, and other factors. This provides a holistic perspective for underwriting, clinical and billing services.


Optimize process flow and data usage, be GDPR compliant.

Automate Underwriting

Automate underwriting and screen for anomalies, analyse documents provided by customers automatically, flag potential issues with health history.


Protect data and meet GDPR compliance.

GDPR compliance

MedaPlus is a pioneer in CloudRAID technology and combines multiple mechanisms for maximum data protection: fragmentation, encryption and redundant distribution to multiple storages.

Confidentiality, integrity and availability of business and personal information

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CloudRAID, fragmenting, encrypting, distribution

MedaPlus combines multiple mechanisms for maximum data protection: fragmentation, encryption and redundant distribution to multiple storages (CloudRAID).

  • Fragmenting: your file is sent through an electronic shredder
  • Encryption: the fragments are encrypted with AES256
  • Distribution: the encrypted fragments are being distributed to a number of geo-redundant storages
  • CloudRAID: the storages are distributed across different geographies. No single storage knows all fragments to reconstruct a single file.
  • If a storage is compromised or fails your data is still secure. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of your files are protected at any time.
  • Flexible architectures: to add an extra layer of protection, the data fragments can be distributed across different jurisdictions.

Microsoft Outlook® integration

MedaPlus integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook®. Send large email attachments easily.

  • collaborate on files with your team, clients, customers, patients, business partners
  • secure data room for backups and files
  • easy email encryption with Microsoft Outlook®, no software installation required at the receiver
  • the receiver gets a secure back channel without installing software
  • send large email attachments easily

MedaPlus is where you work: in the file explorer, web browser and in Outlook, on your laptop, desktop and mobile device

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Professional administration tools

Professional administration tools make it easy for administrators to manage MedaPlus. You decide if you you offer the "self-service-portal" to your clients or if the administrator provisions new workspaces.

  • Provision new datarooms in the self-service-portal
  • Highly flexible solution to adapt to your specific security requirements
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing legacy IT landscape
  • No changes of existing processes

Whitelabel available

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... additional features

Expiration dates

Shares, workspaces, accounts, email attachments get an expiration date. After they expire, they can no longer be retrieved. Optionally the entire email gets an expiration date. That can be one day or one year.

Delivery alerts

Track the delivery of your files and emails. You will be alerted as soon as your email or file has been retrieved. Set custom alerts.

Servers in your country

Most of our servers are in Germany, protected under strict German data protcetion laws. We also offer storage in other jurisdictions. Host on-premise on your metal or off-premise in our data centers. Distribute data across multiple jurisdictions for additional protection.

Change your files and email after you sent it

Ever pushed the send button and regretted it immediatelly? With MedaPlus you can always add, delete, change files even after you hit the send button.

Receive secured files

Receive files securely. Even if the sender is not an MedaPlus client.

Secured during transport and storage

Encrypted transport and stored in our award winning zero-knowledge MedaPlus storage. Not even administrators can read clear text content.


For tax advisors, lawyers, doctors, ...

Send large emails and attachments

Share large files. The MedaPlus detachment solution takes away the pain from handling large files.

... more features

e.g. security-policies out-of-the-box, 2-factor-login, spam, malware, ransomware protection.

Hosting? On-premise (self-hosted) or off-premise on our metal

Scalable and flexible hosting for your company's most valuable information. Get your own domain e.g. You manage your team online, we provide the secure infrastructre. Alternatively you host MedaPlus in your data center.

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ISO 27001 & PCI Compliant Data Centers
DDoS protection
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